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Freight Dispatching Service

With a quick conversation you can find out how we can maintain and even help grow your business. 

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We know this isn’t your first rodeo. And if anyone is in this industry for long they can see that everyone wants a piece of the pie.

We bring to the table real value. A dispatching service that is attentive, on and off hours. We’ll help you stay in touch with brokers, shippers, and even help you find a good mechanic during a break down. This business is about relationships and when you can build a network of trusted partners, there’s no need to turn back.

  • 24/7 Support 
  • No Contracts
  • No Forced Loads
  • Fair Rates
  • Hold brokers accountable
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Grow your business with website design & marketing
  • Follow up with recourse & non-recourse factored loads

We offer the most value out of any dispatching service

Put the hassle of dealing with brokers on our shoulders.

We have a plans to give you everything you expect and some to help grow your business with website design/marketing and a comprehensive network of affordable accounting and legal professionals.

Find out how our freight dispatchers can save you time and money this week!

First load free! No contract Dispatching.

Independent Freight Dispatcher FAQ

Many drivers do their own dispatching. We help drivers that want to focus on the road and pass on the headaches of paperwork, invoicing, broker accountability & follow-ups to us. We even help you if your truck breaks down by looking in your local area for qualified mechanics and/or tow trucks.

Our flat fees are a small price to pay for the relief our driver’s have knowing that someone they trust, has their back.


We can handle all of the communication with brokers unless there are mitigating circumstances. If there are changes like a detention, layover or anything unexpected, we get those extra fees in writing so that you are sure to get every penny that was agreed upon.

  • First, management is run by a CDL driver  with close 10 years of experience. So we understand that your livelihood is not to be taken lightly. We are with you from the beginning of the load to the end. Whether you have to deal with a breakdown, delays or difficult brokers, we will step in and help you get the job done and get paid.
  • We are thorough from the beginning in examining your expectations so that down the road we can react when necessary and keep you on the road, minimizing downtime and unnecessary phone calls that slow you down.
  • If there are delays we will jump in and communicate with all necessary parties so that you can get on the road again.
  • We keep all of the documents, for the loads we book, in secured cloud storage so that you have backups in case you need them for audits, reviews, previously factored loads, etc.

Nope. You can start and stop service at any point. You can even reach out to us if your regular dispatcher is on vacation.

Please let us know immediately and we’ll help you look for a wrecker or shop in the area that takes whatever form of paymnet you offer like Comdata, EFS, credit cards etc.

We will also update the broker immediately, and if necessary, find another solution to get the load to the next destination.

Yes, we can get setup with factoring companies, so when you get paid, we get paid.

We can also  help you with recourse and non-recourse factoring issues, concerning loads we help you book. Despite the term “non-recourse” factoring, there is still a responsibility on the carrier to provide everything to the factoring company and the carrier could be liable for the payment they received from the factoring company down the road. We keep all files, concerning the loads we help book, in secure cloud storage so if you misplace anything there is always a copy we can send you.

We offer 3 different plans ranging from 5% to 9% of each load. 5% includes our stellar dispatching services and will increase with addons like professional bookkeeping to expanding your business with website design and marketing. Please see our pricing chart for more details.

We can either sign on with your factoring company so that when they pay you they will automatically include our fee. Or we will bill on a weekly basis. Every load completed from Sunday to Saturday will be sent out with Monday’s billing which is due by the following Friday.

Though load tracking is becoming more common, we will follow whatever decision you are comfortable with.

We do recommend that it should be done with brokers/shippers that you trust and have worked with before. It can be frustrating that the load is tracked and brokers still call while you are on the road. If that happens, we will jump in and speak with the broker about a reasonable amount of communication. Our philosophy is, if an app is downloaded then phone calls from brokers should be kept to a minimum, if at all.

We are comfortable with calls, texts, or emails and will follow your guidelines of availability throughout the day.

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Fill out the quick form with some basic info about your company and expectations and we’ll get right back to you with our solution.

In our consultation, we’ll work together to find the best lanes and rates your are looking for to keep you moving down the road.

We take pride in our building relationships and often go the extra mile researching paperwork for previous BOL’s for Factoring companies and brokers or keeping your files safe with secure cloud servers.